Gravel Boards

Concrete Gravel Boards

Gravel Boards” – where functionality meets longevity.

Elevate your fencing experience with our Concrete Gravel Boards, meticulously designed to elevate fence panels above the soil, shielding them from the embrace of damp earth.

By doing so, we ensure not only the endurance of your fence panels but also an extended journey of aesthetic appeal.

Crafted for resilience, our gravel boards stand as a paragon of strength and durability, embodying a steadfast solution that stands the test of time.

Beyond their robust nature, these boards boast an innate cost-effectiveness, safeguarding your investment without compromise.

Seamlessly simple to install, they epitomize convenience without sacrificing excellence.

Join countless others who have already embraced the harmony of form and function – make your fencing a testament to both innovation and endurance.

*Important: This item is not available for courier delivery. Only are dedicated lorries are being used to deliver to specific areas. Please contact our office on 01902 784866 for delivery cost before purchasing.

Rock Faced Gravel Boards

rock faced gravel boards 5 web

Rock faced gravel boards are a more decorative solution that can easily be slotted into concrete posts.

Resistant to rot, not not only are these gravel boards strong and increase the lifespan of your fence, the rock faced finish looks beautiful and are a popular choice for any garden.

Available Sizes

Gravel boards size diagram

Smooth Faced Gravel Boards

plain faced gravel boards 5 web

Plain faced gravel boards have a smooth, plain finish and are the perfect solution to extending the life of your fencing panels.

Rot proof and sturdy, the plain faced gravel boards provide a strong foundation that will last fo many years. If you prefer a smooth finish over the rock faced, these gravel boards are for you.

Available Sizes

Gravel boards size diagram

Features And Benefits Of Gravel Boards

  • Rot resistant
  • Strong and durable
  • Protects and extends the lifespan of wooden fence panels
  • Easy to install
  • More aesthetically appealling
  • Helps remove unsightly gaps at the footer of the fence
  • Improve security by preventing pets from escaping.

How To Install Concrete Gravel Boards

Step 1: Install Concrete Fence Posts

The first step is to install the concrete fence posts that the gravel boards will actually sit in between.

For full instructions on how to do this, take a look at our guide.

how to install concrete fence posts

Step 2: Place The Concrete Gravel Board

The gravel board is then inserted the grove of the concrete fence post. The second post is then place in a position where the other end of the gravel board can be inserted.

gravel boards diag

Ordering Gravel Boards

Available For Collection Or Delivery

Our gravel boards are on display here at our Wolverhampton yard. If you live local, feel free to come down to the farm reception where one of our friendly staff will help with your order.

If you live further out, we offer delivery all across the West Midlands, as well many other locations in the United Kingdom.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are concrete gravel boards strong?

Concrete gravel boards do not rot like timber which makes them extremely strong and durable.

How long do gravel boards last?

With theright care, concrete gravel boards can last as long as 20 years, just like concrete fence posts.

Are concrete gravel boards reinforced?

All concrete gravel boards containsteel rod reinforcements for additional strength.

Can you paint concrete gravel boards?

Concrete gravel boards can be painted to your preferance and to match the current scheme of your garden.

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