We stock a range of quality, high-performance cement products for all of your building needs. This includes general purpose cement and post mix concrete.

Types Of Cement

Here is a brief explanation of the types of concrete we supply, and exactly what applications it can be used for.

General Purpose Cement

A versatile cement that can be used in a variety of applications from small DIY jobs to larger scale projects.

Often used in concrete, mortar, render and screed, this product is also compatible with a range of admixtures and additions.

Post Fix

A quality, fast-setting formula that can be used for gate posts, fence posts, garden lighting and pergolas.

Setting in under 3 minutes, this product is the perfect solution where speed is essential. Just simply add water and your ready to go.

Idea for both DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen.


A high performance cement that is used in mortar, concrete, render and screed.

As well as enhanced frost resistance, it also offers improved workability, as well as a specially selected additive to entrain air.

Post Mix Concrete

Often reffered to as postcrete, this product is a high-quality ready-mixed concrete that is used for setting timber, concrete, metal fence posts and a variety of smaller garden jobs.

Post mix usually sets in around 10-20 minutes. To put this in perspective, regular mixed concrete can take anywhere from several hours to a day to reach the same level of strength.

Check out our guide on how to use post mix concrete.

Ordering Cement

Available For Collection Or Delivery

We stock all of our cement products here at our yard in Wolverhampton. If you love local, just drop by and pick up your bag of cement.

If you live futher out, we offer a reliable delivery service across the West Midlands, and many locations nationwide.

The delivery cost is calculated based upon your postcode/location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's cement made of?

The most common materials that make up cement are limestone, shells and chalk. Depending on the required use, it may also be combined with sand, iron and marl.

Is there a difference between concrete and cement?

Cement is a binding agent and a component that is used in concrete. Concrete is a durable material used in building, made up of cement, sand and gravel.

How much does a 20kg bag of cement make?

One 20kg bag will cover around 1.1m2 at a 10mm depth

Is cement stronger than concrete?

Concrete is significantly stronger than cement.

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