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The Team Behind Our Successful Business

Meet the team - Rob- TW Aggregates

Robin Winwood: Managing Director & Sales

Rob serves as the visionary owner-manager and the driving force behind Hallmarket Ltd and Turfworld. With a founding year dating back to 1984, the company has continually prospered under his leadership.

Rob’s roots in engineering run deep, making him not only a seasoned dealer in turf machinery but also a mastermind in crafting bespoke machines from the ground up.

He stands as the unrivaled wellspring of knowledge in the realm of turf machinery.

Remarkably, we persuaded Rob to momentarily part with his beloved woolly hat for this photo—a truly exceptional moment captured for posterity!

Tina Winwood: Customer Accounts Manager & Secretary

Tina shoulders two vital roles at Hallmarket, serving as the steward of our accounts and as the steady hand that keeps Rob in line.

Her journey began in commercial banking, and in 1998, she graciously shared her wealth of knowledge with our family business.

Beyond the confines of her professional life, Tina is a dynamo of activity. She relishes her time at the gym, delights in leisurely dog walks, and finds solace in nurturing her garden.

Meet the team - Tina - TW
Meet the team - Matt - TW

Matt Dolman: Parts Manager

Matt is a seasoned pillar of Hallmarket, boasting an impressive 15-year tenure with the company.

His journey began with an apprenticeship in his formative years, where he earned a distinguished mechanical engineering qualification.

With each passing year, Matt has cultivated an extensive understanding of Hallmarket, Kesmac, and Brouwer products, and forged invaluable relationships with our esteemed clientele.

When he’s not at the office, Matt finds solace in the pages of a good book, explores the great outdoors on leisurely strolls, and delves into the world of computing.

James Winwood

James, as Rob’s son, has been a vital part of our team since completing his A-levels. He oversees machinery maintenance and operations at our turf farm and actively participates in assembling new and refurbished equipment.

With his extensive hands-on expertise in repairing, maintaining, and assembling various turf machinery, James is a valuable resource for customers seeking equipment guidance and technical support.

He also manages our turf cultivation and harvesting operations, thanks to his in-depth experience operating the machinery. This enables him to swiftly provide practical solutions to our customers’ needs.

Meet the team - James - TW
Meet the team - Dec - tw

Declan Peabody

Dec, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, worked at Jaguar Land Rover’s Design headquarters in Gaydon, where he gained valuable experience and met Holly, Rob’s daughter, who also worked there.

In early 2022, during a family holiday, Dec accepted Rob’s proposal to join Hallmarket and Turfworld. He began his role in June 2022 and has since taken on various responsibilities.

In December 2022, Dec and Holly got married, bringing joy to all.

In addition to his office duties, Dec has been actively involved in developing our aggregates business, collaborating closely with Rob’s son James to enhance productivity and quality.

Katie: Office Administrator

In 2020, as the first lockdown restrictions eased, Katie became a valued member of our team, joining both Hallmarket and our sister company, Turfworld.

Before this, she held diverse roles at Travis Perkins and in the field of recruitment.

In her role as our office administrator, Katie manages a variety of tasks, such as handling calls, processing orders, and ensuring smooth deliveries.

Many of you may have already had the opportunity to engage with Katie, and you’ve likely discovered her to be a personable and knowledgeable team member.

Meet the team - katie - tw
Meet the team - chris - tw

Chris Burston: SEO / Digital Marketing / Graphic Design

Chris, armed with a degree in Graphic Design/Illustration from the University of Wolverhampton, boasts over two decades of industry experience.

In April 2022, he became a valuable member of our team, contributing his six years of SEO and digital marketing expertise to Hallmarket and Turfworld.

As the steward of our marketing campaigns, Chris takes charge of our SEO strategies, email marketing, website management, and social media presence.

His objective is to leverage his blend of creativity and technical prowess to provide inventive marketing solutions that enhance our customer outreach and engagement.

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