Our quality turf can transform any garden, and is suitable for a variety of projects ranging from small family gardens to large landscaping jobs. We also supply grass seed to improve the performance and colour of any garden lawn.

Turf Size & Details

bulk bag and handy bag

Our turf is supplied in 1 square meter rolls that measure:

61cm(W) x 165cm(L)

Our turf products feature a calculator that enables you to work out exactly how much turf you will need to order.

Ordering Turf

Available For Collection Or Delivery

Before placing an order, you should first of all measure your lawn.

golden gravel 4 web

Once you have the measurements, take these measurements and enter them into our turf calculator.


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You are now ready to place your order. For best results, you should lay turf as soon as possible.

This is why it is important to ensure the area you plan on placing the turf is fully prepped and ready before you place your order.

We deliver all over the UK. The turf will be delivered on a wooden pallet, and offloaded using a lorry-mounted forklift truck.

Guides & Helpful Information

how to lay turf an ultimate guide

A valuable guide that will show you how to lay turf, as well as aftercare tips.

Click here to view the full guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you lay turf on sand or soil?

For best results, it is adviced to lay turf on top of around 150mm of good topsoil.

Can you install turf yourself?

If you are on a tight budget or just simply fancy having a go, you can lay turf yourself. We have a full guide on how to lay turf. For a more professional finish, you can hire a landscpaer.

Can you lay turf on top of grass?

It’s not a good idea to lay turf on top of existing grass. This is because thegrass will prevent the new turf from rooting well.

How long does turf take to root?

A shallow root system can take around 2 weeks to form, and up to 6 weeks for a strong root system.

How long after laying turf can you walk on it?

After laying turf, you should avoid walking on it for around 2 to 3 weeks. The length of time will depend upon thetime of year, and the quality of the ground underneath (how well it was prepared).

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