Sub Base Aggregates

Sub Base Aggregate material is used in construction and building for a number of different applications such as a base, and for mixing with other materials. Our aggregate products include Granite Dust, MOT Type 1, Recycled 6F2/6F5 and Road Planings

Aggregate Bag Size & Quantity

Our aggregate products are available in two different options:

Handy Bag

Handy bags are ideal for smaller diy projects.

Bulk Bags

Bulk bags of aggregates are better suited for larger projects where a lot more material is required. 


Before ordering, it’s important to know how much material to order. You can use our handy calculator for this which also features on the individual product pages.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page.

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bulk bag and handy bag

Ordering Aggregates

Available For Collection Or Delivery

Our aggregates are available for delivery or collection.

All of our products are on display here at our yard where you can collect and pay for your aggregates.

If collection isn’t an option, we deliver across the West Midlands, as well as many other locations nationwide using our fast and reliable delivery service.

Delivery charges are calculated based on your location. 

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About Aggregates

What is Aggregate Used For?

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  • Granite Gravel: Used for paths, landscaping, bedding layer and capping rough sub-bases.

  • MOT Type 1: A sub-base for ponds, paths, patios, sheds and construction jobs, as well as a bulk fill and levelling material.

  • Recycled 6F2: Used as a sub-base for patios, roads, pathways and buildings.

  • 10/20MM Gravel: Used for drainage, planting borders, footpaths, driveways, hard landscaping and pipe bedding.

Guides & Helpful Information

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A guide on how to create a gravel path for your garden.

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Calculate how much gravel you will need for your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between gravel and chippings?

Although very similar materials, gravel is is generally made up of several different types of stones.

How thick should driveway gravel be?

Each layer of a gravel driveway is between 4 to 6 inches in thickness, with the middle layer at about 2 to 3 inches.

What is the easiest gravel to walk on?

Pea gravel is generally the easiest gravel for both humans and pets to walk on, due to the smooth, rounded shape of the material.

What is the difference between MOT Type 1 and 2?

MOT ype 2 is composed of a finer material and fewer angular aggregate sizes than MOT type 1.

What is 6F2 recycled?

Recycled 6F2 is a by-product of demolition projects composed of crushed concrete, brick and mortar.

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