Peat Free Compost

Peat free compost is extremely popular, due to it being a natural alternative to peat-based products, and better for the environment.

What Is Peat Free Compost?

Peat free compost is generally made up of tree clippings, grass, wood, coir and sometimes manure.

These materials are recycled and blended into a quality compost that is peat-free, which has many benefits in comparison to peat products.

As well as being better for the environment, this compost also ensures a balanced water retention, optimum drainage, andimproved root air flow.

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A lot of research has gone into using different materials to help this particular material perform as well as peat.

How Is Peat Free Compost Made?

  • The materials that make up this compost such as the tree clippings are shredded. This is to help speed up the process of composting.
  • Once shredded, this material is then placed in rows, where over time it will begin to break down.
  • To ensure an even decomposition of the material, the rows are turned several times during this process.
  • The material is then screened after around 12 weeks, where any oversized fractions are removed.

Uses For Peat Free Compost

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1. Turf Laying

You can add around 20mm thick of peat free compost to your top soil before laying your turf.

Newly laid turf takes time for the roots to fully knit with the topsoil. Research has shown that that the time for this process is reduced when a 20mm thick layer of peat free compost is used in combination with the top soil.

2. Turf Top Dressing

You can feed your lawn with compost which works great during hot times of the year as it reduces the need to water, as well as helping to keep your grass greener.

3. Improves Soil

Adding a layer of peat free compost to your topsoil can increase the temperature of the soil, fertility and moisture retention qualities.

4. Feeding Mulch

Placing a 4cm to 8cm layer of peat free compost on the soil of your flower bed can have some great benefits. As well as preventing weeds from growing through, it can also feed both plants and soil, as well as reducing the loss of moisture.

Benefits Of Peat Free Compost

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  • Ratains Water: Soil that contains compost will need less irrigation, due to it’s ability to sufficiently absorb and retain water.
  • Improves Soil Structure: Research has shown that peat free compost can improve the strength of soil. 
  • Less Inorganic Fertilisers: Nutrients often found in inorganic fertilisers such as potash, sulphur, nitrogen, magnesium and phosphate are also found in peat free compost.
  • Helps Reduce Cost: As peat free compost helps improve the quaility of soil, this means less fertilising and irrigating which leads to reduces in cost.
  • Helps To Reduce Soil Erosion: Compost can be applied to soil to help erosion caused by wind and rain.
  • Contains Micro-Organisms: Micro-organisms suppress soil bourne plant pathogens, release nutrients in organic matter and improve soil structure by releasing polysaccarids and humic substances.

Compost Bag Size & Delivery Information

Bulk Bags Compost

Our peat free compost is available in bulk bags which is generally around 750ltrs.

Available For Collection Or Delivery

Our compost is on display at our yard here in Wolverhampton. This is idea if you live local and wish to collect the product yourself.

If collection isn’t an option, we offer a fast and reliable delivery service across the West Midlands, as well as many locations across the UK.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is peat free compost better than peat compost?

As well as being extremely high in nutrients, peat free compost is also made from organic materials and is betetr for the environment.

Is compost the same as soil?

Compost and soil are different materials. Compost is organic, but soil is also made up of non-organic elements such as minerals and rock particles.

Why should you not use peat compost?

Peat compost has a few disadvantages in comparison to peat free compost. Not only does it dry out quickly, but it is also blown away easily due to wind and rain.

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