Pea Gravel

Pea Gravel 10mm is a traditional gravel, ideal for use in borders and for footpaths. Pea Gravel’s beautiful colour variations ensure it blends with any existing planting scheme and its size gives it excellent drainage properties.

Pea Gravel Product Information

Our pea gravel is available in two different options:

Handy Bag

An ideal size for small DIY garden jobs.

Bulk Bags

Bulk bags are a better optionfor larger scale projects where more quantity is required, such as large trade or large self-build projects.

Delivery & Collection

Our pea gravel is available to collect here at our Wolverhamption yard.

If collection is not possible, we offer a fast and reliable delivery service across the UK.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page.

pea gravel bulk bag tw

What Can Pea Gravel Be Used For

Pea gravel is an affordable option that is easy to install and can be used in a range of applications.

  • Paths: An excellent option for paths due to the rounded edges and smooth surface of the gravel.
  • Driveways: A great choice for driveways due to it’s durability and good drainage.
  • Landscaping: Pea gravel has a smooth texture with colourful tones which makes it a great choice for various landscaping projects.
  • Mulching: This particular gravel is used for mulching around plants as it helps to retain moisture and prevent the growth of weeds.
  • Paving Stone Base: Often used as a foundation underneath paving stones, due to it’s natural strength and small size.
pea gravel 10mm gravel close up

Frequently Asked Questions

How is pea gravel made?

Pea gravel is a natural material that is created due to erosion of river rocks caused by water. This process is what gives pea gravel it’s smooth texture.

What is best to put under pea gravel?

Sand or crushed rock as well as landscaping fabric can be used under pea gravel.

Will pea gravel wash away?

Rainfall can cause pea gravel to wash away. Here are some methods to prevent this:

  • Use coarse gravel underneath your pea gravel.
  • Add a border.
  • Install a Water-Permeable Grid.
  • Pack the gravel down.
  • Add decorative or paving stones.

Do you need landscape fabric under pea gravel?

Although gravel does an excellent job or suppressing weeds, it will not completely eliminate them. Using a weed membrane fabric will completely block the weed roots.

Can dogs walk on pea gravel?

Due to the smooth surface of the pea gravel, it is safe for dogs to walk on. Just keep in mind the size of the gravel, and/or the dog, as it is a possibility that it may get wedged betweens their paws.

Does pea gravel deter mice?

Using pea gravel is an excellent technique to use to prevent rodents such as mice and rats from entering your home. It works because they find it difficult to dig through materials such as pea gravel.

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