How Much Gravel Do I Need? | Gravel Calculator

When it comes to gravel, there are a number of different factors to consider.

How much aggregate do you need for your project? What type of gravel will work best for your needs?

With our gravel calculator, you can easily determine the right quantity of aggregates for your project.

In this post, we’ll answer your question of “how much gravel do I need?”, as well as providing tips and answering all of the common questions related to gravel and aggregates.

How Much Gravel Do I Need?

The first question you need to answer when planning a gravel project is how much aggregate do you need. This can be a tricky question, as there are a lot of variables to consider. The size of your project, the type of gravel you want to use, and the density of the gravel all play a role in determining how much material you’ll need.

Ordering too few aggregates can mean additional deliveries, and ordering too much can lead to wastage. To prevent wasting time and money, you will need to know how to calculate how much gravel you will need.

To do this, you will need to take three different measurements of your project:

  1. Length
  2. Width
  3. Depth

Once you have done this, you can then move on to the next step which is using our calculator below.

How To Use Our Aggregate Calculator

Our calculator will help to answer the question – How Much Aggregate Do I Need?

Our gravel calculator is a great tool for helping you determine the right quantity of aggregate for your job. Simply enter the width, length, and depth of your project area, and our calculator will tell you how many bags you will need to order.

All of the aggregates in our online shop feature the same calculator as below. So if you are looking for a specific product, simply go to the product, and enter your measurement into the aggregates calculator.

The other addition cost that you will need to keep in mind is the delivery cost. This cost will depend on your location. If you would like to know the delivery cost to where you live, you can try adding the products to your basket, and then enter your postcode and delivery address.

This will then tell you the cost of the delivery to your location, as well as the total cost of your products including any additional VAT.

Try our calculator now.

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Gravel & Aggregates FAQ

How Much Gravel Do I Need For My Garden?

When it comes to gardens, it’s important to know the approximate length, width and depth of the garden that you will be working with.

A simple square or rectangular garden is going to be easier to calculate, but not all gardens are like this. If you have a garden with an unusual shape, the best way to approach this is to extend it to make it a square. This means you will be ordering slightly more aggregates, but it is better to order too much than too few.

How Much Gravel Do I Need For My Driveway?

Just like a garden, a driveway will also require you to calculate the length, width and depth. Once you know the measurements of your drive, you can then input these numbers into our calculator which will tell you exactly how many bags of gravel you will need.

What Depth Of Gravel Do I Need?

The depth of gravel will depend on the size of the aggregate and what the desired surface will be used for. Here are some options:

10mm Aggregate

  • Depth of 30-40mm
  • Driveway: At least 50mm

20mm Aggregate

  • Depth of 40-50mm
  • Driveway: At least 50-60mm

Can The Gravel Calculator Be Used To Calculate All aggregates?

Most of the aggregates and gravel on our shop feature a calculator on the actual product page. This will make it easy for you to calculate exactly how many bags you will need before ordering.

How Much Does A Ton Of Aggregate Cover?

To answer this question, let’s take a look at a couple of examples.

A Driveway

The typical depth of a driveway is 50mm. One ton of aggregates will cover around 14 square meters.

Pedestrian Pathways

Pedestrian pathways are generally around 35mm in depth. One ton of aggregates will cover around 20 square meters.

How Much Aggregates Do I Need Conclusion

How much gravel do I need? You should now know how to easily calculate exactly how much aggregates you will need for your project.

If you are still unsure or need any further assistance, you can contact our friendly team on 0844 335 0828.

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