How we deliver bulk bags depends on if we use our own vehicles or an external delivery company. This will depend on your post code.

If our truck is delivering the bulk bag or bags then our truck is fitted with a fork lift which will be able to offload the bags safely to the curbside.

If the delivery is made by an external delivery company then the bulk bag will be placed on a wooden pallet. The delivery company will have a tail lift on their vehicle and a pedestrian pump truck. The driver will take the pallet off the delivery vehicle and position it curbside. With this delivery method it is important you consider the following before ordering:

  1. If you are situated on an incline then the driver will be unable to unload the product as it might roll off the vehicle and thus be dangerous. 
  2. You need to be sure that the delivery vehicle can get access to your delivery point. They cannot wait for parked cars to be moved etc. 

All the situations above will result in a failed delivery and you will be charged for a re-delivery.

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