Building Sand

Our quality Building sand is for general use and ideal for projects such as smoothing floors, paving, bricklaying, mixing mortar andbricklaying.

This type of sand is generally found on riverbeds and beaches, and is made up of small particles from decomposed rocks, coral, minerals and shells.

As this is a natural product, the texture and colour of the building sand may vary, depending upon the location it is sourced from.

Building Sand Bag Size & Delivery

Our building sand is available in two different options:

Building Sand Handy Bag

A handy bag of building sand are smaller and the perfect solution for small DIY jobs.

Building Sand Bulk Bag

Our bulk bags of building sand are the perfect solution for larger projects, large trade or large self-build projects.

Building Sand Near Me

We off a fast and reliable delivery service, as well as collection on all of our products. We deliver to many locations across the UK.

If you live local to us, you can collect and pay for your goods here at our Wolverhampton location.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is building sand used for?

Building sand is for general use, and ideal for many applications including bricklaying, rendering, poiting applications and general building usage.

Building sand vs sharp sand. What is the difference?

Building sand is a finer grade with small, softer granules (1.5-2mm), and is less coarse than sharp sand. Sharp sand features larger grains. and is used for patios, block paving and as a concrete base for driveways.

Can I use building sand for laying slabs?

Due to the fine and soft nature of building sand, it is not the best material to use when laying slabs. Paving will eventually sink if using this type of sand underneath.

Does building sand go off?

As long a building sand is kept dry and covered, it shouldn’t go off.

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