Ballast is a mixture of sharp sand and gravel that is used in a variety of construction applications. Our ballast is supplied in either a handy bag or bulk bag, perfect for both small and larger scale building projects.

One of our bulk bags(min 850kg) will cover approximately 10-12m² at a depth of 5cm.

Ballast Bag Size & Quantity

Our aggregates are available in two different options:

Ballast Bags 25kg

Our 20mm ballast bags are ideal for smaller building projects.

Bulk Bag Of Ballast

Our ballast bulk bags are a great solution for larger scale building and construction projects.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page.

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Ordering Ballast

Available For Collection Or Delivery

When it comes to ordering ballast, there are two options available.


You can collect and pay for your products here at our Wolverhampton location.


We offer a fast and reliable delivery service across the West Midlands, as well as many loations in the UK.

Delivery cost is based upon your postcode/location and will be calculated on the checkout page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 20mm ballast used for?

Ballast is used fro a variety of construction applications such as securing fence posts, path edging, making concrete for use in shed bases and paths and general hard landscaping uses.

Does more ballast make concrete stronger?

The amount of ballast used in concrete, especially certain types and heavier ballast will make concrete stronger.

How many bulk bags of ballast do I need?

If using a standard mix of 1:5 (1 cement:5 ballast), you will need either 1.7 bulk bags or 58 25kg bags of ballast in a cubic metre of concrete.

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