We stock a range of high quaility sand that is perfect for a variety of applications.

Available in handy 25kg bags or bulk bags. Loose loads are available, please contact our office regarding deliveries (minimum 10 tonne per delivery)

Sand Bag Size & Quantity

Our sand is available in two different options:

Handy Bag

Our 25kg handy bags are ideal for smaller projects.

Bulk Bags

If you are planning a larger scale project, then our bulk bags of sand will be a better option. These are large bags with a minimum fill of around 850kg.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page.

bulk bag and handy bag

Types Of Sand

With many different types of sand available, it’s important to choose the correct product for your project. Here’s a brief explanation of the types of sand that we supply.

Building Sand

Building sand is a soft, multipurpose material used in construction. This includes bricklaying, pointing, rendering, block paving and general building usage.

Other names for building sand: Soft sand, plasterer’s sand or bricklayer’s sand.

Sharp Sand

Sharp sand is versatile and can be used when laying paving courses, mixed with concrete, added to soil, render and floor screeds and even used in lawn care.

In comparison to builders sand, sharp sand contains larger particles and is more coarse and gritty in terms of texture.

Other names for sharp sand: Concreting sand, coarse sand or grit sand.

Kiln Dried Sand

Kiln dried sand is fine, as well as being dry with no moisture content. This type of sand is used to fill the joints between paving slabs and block paving.

As well as preventing paving from movement and becoming loose, this sand still allows drainage.

Other names of kiln dried sand: Jointing sand, dry aggregate sand or silver sand.

Sand and Gravel Mix (Ballast)

Ballast is a mix of sand and gravel, and can be used for many types of building applications and landscaping projects.

This includes paving, concrete for path edging, garden walls, stepping stones, curbs plus much more.

Generally mixed with cement and water to create concrete, ballast is a strong and cost-effective material.

Ordering Sand

Available For Collection Or Delivery

To order sand just simply calculate exactly how much you will need, and then add the required products to your basket.

As stated above, our sands are available in either 25kg handy bags or bulk bags. This will all depend on the size of your project.

All of our products are on display here at our yard in Wolverhampton. If you live local, feel free to drop by where you can collect and pay for your product.

If you live further out where collection isn’t an option, we offer a fast and reliable delivery service across the West Midlands, as well as many other locations across the United Kingdom.

The delivery cost is calculated based upon your postcode/location.

sharp sand 5 web

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use building sand for concrete?

As building sand is finer and leads to increased water demand, it shouldn’t be used in concrete.

Where does builders sand come from?

Builders sand is the type of sand found on beaches and river beds that is made up of tiny particles of decomposed rock, minerals, coral and shell.

Does grass grow through sand?

As long as it has adequate access to nutrients and moisture, grass will grow through sand

Why do people put sand on their lawn?

The purpose of applying sand to a lawn is to level out uneven surfaces, cover tree roots or used as a top-dressing.

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